Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dear Mystikal...

Dear Mystikal,

I hope this blog post finds you in good health. As a fan of yours since my youth, I've been eagerly greatly kinda anticipating your album for a long time now. You've been out a little over 15 months though and I have yet to hear more than the song you made with Lloyd "Set Me Free"...What's up with that Mystikal?

Sure, I have no idea what you were saying half the time in most of your albums but I bought them all. Why? Because I liked your energy and I thought you were cool. I mean, people didn't but James Brown's albums because they knew what he said most of the time. They bought his albums because they were entertaining. PLUS, when we didn't understand what the hell you were talking about...we kinda liked it.

I remember when "Unpredictable" came out, I went to Starship Music and used my last 10 bucks or so to buy the album. I played it for like 3 days straight. Then my neighbor stole it. I hit him in the head with a rock 2 days later and picked up his CD player hoping to get "Unpredictable" back...but all he had was a Silkk The Shocker cd...I was pissed. Eventually, I stole somebody else's copy of Mystikal. I said all that to say that I'm a loyal fan!

I still have a copy of the "Beware" single on tape somewhere...I think...I'm not sure I'll have to check.

In closing, allow me to say...DROP an album, a mixtape, a single, SOMETHING! Call them dudes from Beats By The Pound and make something jump!


P.S. - Don't get a Pen & Pixel cover...nobody gets those anymore.

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